Author Topic: Creating FGD for Convexity  (Read 4222 times)


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Creating FGD for Convexity
« on: October 12, 2011, 07:20:26 PM »
For those of you using Convexity to build your levels, an important thing is to have a FGD file for your entities. You can make these by following these steps:

1.Browse to your Source SDK Bin Folder down to your engine (ep1, orangebox)
2.Find base.fgd
3.Find the FGD for your mod (cstrike.fgd for CS:S, for example)
4.Open Notepad and copy the contents of mod FGD to your text file
5.Remove the line that says "@include "base.fgd" near the top of the file
6.Now copy the contents of base.fgd to the top of your new FGD file
7.Save this file as a new file (for example, as cvx_css.fgd)
8.Open Convexity... choose the Configure Convexity menu and go to the Paths tab... and for the Game File browse to the FGD file you just created.

I would load my samples here but the FGD files in the SDK have copyright notices... so I'm leaving it up to you to make your own.