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There is now a general purpose toolset called Normal Tools. Get your copy now with the introductory sale!

The tools give you some new ways to edit the normal on your objects. This toolset is not just for Wall Worm, but for anyone who edits normal data a lot with the Edit Normals modifier.

Along with this tool comes another update to Wall Worm's SMD exporter to optimize Explicit Normals exporting as well as fixing a bug with the Explicit Normals + Rotated settings in WW. Yes, for those who did not know, Source supports normal editing that isn't derived simply from smoothing groups. I think it was an unknown for a long time because the legacy SMD exporters did not handle edited normal.

I will be releasing a video soon detailing the functions in the new tool. Until then, use the docs linked above.

Updated today to fix a bug with modified objects not aligned to world. And added a new normal function.


Joris Ceoen:
This looks really interesting. If you hadn't told me before that Source did support the custom normals then I wouldn't have known it either until seeing the post before. The video demonstrates it really well, I think it could help me greatly for my cathedral!

Normal Tools 1.2 Released today. Added two new functions: Out From Pivot and Out From Center.

Normal Tools 1.3 is out. Adds a Random Deviation function. Here's a new video:


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