Author Topic: Wall Worm 2.21 Released  (Read 2091 times)


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Wall Worm 2.21 Released
« on: August 26, 2014, 01:36:41 pm »
Version 2.21 released on 8-26-2014

NOTE: THIS UPDATE REQUIRES YOU TO UPDATE YOUR FGD CACHE! After installing this update, you need to click the Reparse button in the global WW settings FOR EACH CONFIG/MOD you use. If you fail to do this, you may notice some errors or missing features.

   * VMF Exporter: Added XRef Object support for WW Proxies and gathering proper skin values.
   * WWMT: Added support for gathering proper skins from Proxies that are XRef Objects.
   * Proxy Tools: Updated function to update a WWMT's proxies in scene. Now the function keeps the original nodes and simply updates the trimesh values of the proxies. Also adds some error checking. PLEASE SEE NOTES BELOW.
   * SMD Importer: Added a function to save imported QCs into a Prop Library.
   * SMD Importer: Added ability to batch import multiple QCs and multiple folders/sub-folders similarly to the Material Library Generator.
   * SMD Importer: Now stores General Option choices in the config.
   * SMD Importer: Fixed bug where the Collapse Mesh, Rotated Model setting was ignored when importing a QC. This option is now used when importing a QC. Note these should only be used for $staticprop models.

   * WWMT: Updated Proxy generation to fix problem with transforms in some situations.
   * Entities: Updated Point Entity tool to make new point entities Non-Renderable by default unless the entity has a "model" parameter.
   * Entities: Added new buttons to change props (model for an entity) for any entity that has a model property. You can load the prop from a WWMT in the scene, via importing a QC directly, or by using the new Prop Library function.
   * VMF/MAP Importer: Updated Prop import functions to use newer methods for importing QCs as well as using XREF objects for props now.

Regarding the proxy orientation fixes. There was an update to WW in the last few months that changed the way that proxies were generated if you ever used the Update Selected Proxy Meshes function in the Proxy Tools floater. That update created object offset transformations that were not really good. This update fixes that. However, any proxy that was previously updated with that function and is later updated may become offset in the scene if you update those proxy meshes again after this update. In such cases, you may need to reset the proxy pivot under the Hierarchy Tab and move the proxies back to their desired location. For any proxy that did not get updated in a scene with that function, there should be no problems.

There are several updates for how the SMD importer works. Most deal with objects that are imported via a QC. Any mesh that is imported from a QC with $staticprop will force certain properties regardless of the Importer UI settings. This is to force some conventions that make prop re-use more consistent and as expected in more circumstances. This also simplifies using the prop importer that is embedded in the VMF/MAP importer... (meaning you should now always keep the rotation value at 0 unless you have a specific reason to change that.

Documentation for the entity updates that add prop re-use will come when I have time.