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MAXSTART File Now Available


There is a new file for you level designers:

Wall Worm's MAXSTART with CorVex

This file requires 3ds Max 2015 and CorVex. If you do not use Max 2015 or have CorVex installed, do not install this file. If you have 3ds Max 2015 but not CorVex, you can Get CorVex here.

To set this file as your default new scene, copy maxstart.max in this zip folder to your scenes folder of your project. By default, this is usually located at C:\Users\UserName\Documents\3dsMax\scenes but can be any location. If you do not know where this folder is located, you can click [File > Manage > Set Project Folder] in 3ds Max to see or set your Project Folder. Once copied there, this file will be your default scene when loading 3ds Max.

File Contents and Settings:

Default Layers for Level Design

* 2D Sky (for Render)
* 3D Skybox
* VMF_Exclude
* Entities
* Temp
* 0 (default)
* Displacements
* Layout

Grid, Snap and Unit Settings

* Units set to Generic where 1 Unit = 1 Inch
* Home Grid Spacing set to 64 Units
* Home Grid Extent set to 20
* Snap to Grid Enabled

Default Objects

* CorVexGround: CorVex object with settings good for ground layout.
* CorVexWalls: CorVex object with settings good for Walls.
* CorVexBlocks: CorVex object with settings good for block geometry layout.
* PlayerBox: Box primitive set to 24x24x72 units that represents the general size of a player model.

It turns out that the file loaded originally had an older version of the Scene VMF setting that caused an error with some scene functions. The link above has been updated to a newer version with no custom attribute saved to the file.

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I updated the link with correct address.


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