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I'm currently working on a city map and I came up with an idea when I came across this greyscale city generator.

I generated a terrain with nem's tools that literally looked like city building's. I noticed when I imported into hammer I could just delete the terrain on top of the nodraw brushes and keep the actual blocked out buildings. The only problem I have with it, is that it cuts up the brushes alot. Obviously it wasn't meant to generate cityscape's but it's still pretty neat.

For those not familiar with the terrain generator, you can find it here.

Thanks for the idea.

Actually, I already have a lot of ideas on doing this very thing quickly and natively in Max without any deleting of objects or going into Hammer, etc. I just don't always have time to share all of my ideas with everyone. I'll look into sharing simple processes with native Max functions when I can.

Well I've experimented with the displacement modifier if that's what your talking about. I also found an interesting plugin you may be interested in called Greeble:

I was experimenting with that and found I could quickly generate low poly city buildings that could be easily used in my skybox. I really tried to make them convex by using convex hull script so I could get some good detail building in my level. Didn't really have much success thought. :/

I've also been experimenting with generating brushes in C++ so that I could potential make something to generate procedural buildings. I'm totally a noob to 3ds max so any idea's you have on how to do this process would be greatly appreciated.

Displace and Greeble are both exactly what I have been meaning to explain to people for a long time :)

For Greeble, you can already make brushes if you don't use the last 2 widgets.

* Make your base geometry (probably a Plane with Quads converted to Editable Poly)
* Apply a Poly Select Mod and choose the polygons that should spawn buildings.
* Apply Greeble Modifier
* Deselect the non-convex widgets in Greeble (last two icons).
* Make the settings to your desired result
* Add a Poly Select Modifier and deselect all sub-object selection.
* Apply a Cap Holes Modifier and uncheck all settings in it.
* Add a Poly Select Modifier and select all of the original plane Polygons (easiest in Element sub-object mode).
* Apply a DeleteMesh modifier.
* Go back down the stack to the original poly select, turn on show end results, and modify the base areas as needed.
* Select the object, and click Wall Worm > Wall Worm Level Design > Set As Concave Brush.
Now the city will export as valid world geometry.

For the terrain, utilizing displace modifiers is my preferred way at least to start the geometry and match it to materials.

As for converting grayscale images to brushes, this is something I have considered too. But you can probably already figure out a way to do this by being creative with the kinds of steps outlined above and standard Max modifiers/tools :)

[EDIT] Note that I missed a step and added it in (the poly select before the CAP HOLES).

That is exactly what I've been trying to do. Thank you! I'll have to test this out.


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