Importing pictures that has different dimensions.

Started by EliasWick, March 08, 2015, 04:08:40 PM

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Hello Shawn, I am currently using the version 2.0841 of Wall Worm Model tools. I have read the Update-log and not seen an update for adding pictures with 2 non-unique dimensions. For example 2048 X 512 or 1024 X 248, ect. Is it possible to add the function for this? I have a workaround for it myself by compiling the VMF in another software, adding it to the folder. But It would be easier if you could do it using only Wall Worm!

Second, do you recommend that I update my Wall Worm Model Tools? Cause I feel fine with the functions of Version 2.0841?
If I were to update it, shall I remove the Wall Worm folder or overwrite it, and will it keep my settings? Or do I have to set it up again?

Thanks for the help, and Have a great Sunday!


A Few things:

1) I am preparing to load an update to WW today. As such, I'd wait until that update  is loaded before updating WW as it adds a lot of functionality for reusing props from your game and adds better decal and SubRect decal support. Watch for news of that release later today.

2) Before updating, I suggest that you copy your current WW installation to a temporary folder in case there is some essential function in your workflow that may have been broken. This is just generally a precaution/safety net. To see your current version, use the same info on line below.

3) Generally speaking, you can simply overwrite your current installation. Just make sure that you install it into the same path as it already was. You can find this path by running WWMT once and then hitting F11 and typing: wallworm_installation_path + ENTER.

4) When loading updates to WW, I recommend that you test temporarily on COPIES of your files just to make sure that the system is working as you expect. This gives you a chance to see any differences--and if there happens to be a bug, you can report it and I can fix it--and you still have access to the original files.

5) The issue of non-square textures is fixed in the VMF/Map importer from Source to Max. I think it is in the current VMF exporter, but honestly I would need to test to verify.

6) In my opinion, you should update. But please take all the notes in consideration above. Of course, if you have any issues, just post here and we'll figure them out.

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