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Started by mmberg, April 04, 2015, 02:21:15 AM

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My Wall worm freezes when I try to import cs:go de_dust2 in 3ds max :(. I was wondering if someone would be kind enough to upload .obj / .3ds file or send it to me? I need only model without textures.


It might just be taking a while depending on your system speed, RAM, etc. During the import it can appear frozen but really just running. Most imports I do take around 4-6 minutes, though some have taken as long as an hour. I'll look into it shortly and see if Dust2 has any special issues.


Hey, thanks for reply, but I already solved the problem. Looks like my PC is not in a good shape anymore, because it didn't do anything in 20minutes. I used a bit more powerful PC, to which I have access and there I was able to get the file in a few minutes  :)


Hey, I don't want to open a new topic. As I said D2 works fine, but now I have a new problem. Did anyone try to import de_inferno? Because import is done in a few seconds, but the map contains only a few boxes :(


I haven't tested it but my best guess is that the level must use Instances. I have not yet added Instance support into the VMF Importer. When working the other way (exporting from Max to Source) Instancing is handled via native Max tools like XRef and Instance/Reference . I have not yet determined the best way to deal with going from Source to Max on that front.

I'll put it on my mental backburner and hopefully come up with a way to handle that scenario.


Alright, thank you for your answer :). The thing is I want to make a render in 3DS max and V-ray :). I tried to do that with D2 B-site, but I have some problems with creating materials, because I'm quite a noob when it comes to this...

Here is what I have done so far:

Joris Ceoen

Any progression on this? It looks cool! Although how are you going to replicate the 3D Skybox :)? Since all those models are scaled down to 16. Sure you could scale them up again just for the renders ofc, but to place them back accuratly in place could take a while.

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