VTF Loaders for 3ds Max in WW Pro

Started by wallworm, April 18, 2015, 10:33:07 AM

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Even when following the installation instructions exactly, WW Pro sometimes isn't able to properly add the VTF Loader instructions to Max at installation time. If you installed WW Pro and cannot load VTF files:

Go to Customize > Configure System Paths > 3rd Party tab and see if there is an entry pointing to C:\Program Files\Autodesk\3ds Max ####\scripts\WallWorm.com\assemblies\20##\x64 labeled Wall Worm VTF. If not, add it manually then restart Max.

If this path exists or you added it and the VTF files still do not load, it could mean that the VTFLib.dll is blocked or that you did not run 3ds Max as Admin when installing. To manually install:

Copy ONE of the DLL files from the WallWorm.com/VTFLib/bin/(x64|x86) folder in WW Pro zip to the Max root directory. Please note that you should only copy one of the VTFLib.dll files. The file version you should copy is dependent on the version of 3ds Max you are using.

   * Max 64-bit: WallWorm.com/VTFLib/bin/x64/VTFLib.dll
   * Max 32-bit: WallWorm.com/VTFLib/bin/x86/VTFLib.dll

If copying does not work, it means that the DLL is blocked. Please refer to the file named WallWormPro.txt in your download with the full and complete installation instructions.


For more recent versions of WW that use the installer, this can still sometimes happen where there is an error loading vtf.bmi in Max. The solution is the same as above but the paths are probably different.

C:\Program Files\Wall Worm\Wall Worm Pro Pack\WallWorm.com\VTFLib\bin\x64\VTFLib.dll

C:\Program Files\Autodesk\3ds Max 2022\

(If using a different version of Max, copy to that version.)

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