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VTF Exporter in WW Pro with Advanced Settings


There is a significant update for WW Pro users about to be released that adds a much wider range of control over the VTF files exported from Max.

This update does not give native VTF writing support (which is a long-term goal). However, it's the next best thing. This is still early, so if you test this version, please let me know if you find any bugs.

To take advantage of this new set of features, you'll need to:

1) Download the latest version of WW Pro and install it.
7) Open WW Settings and click Activate WW Pro.
8) Click the VTF Path and browse for\VTFLib\bin\x64\VTFCmd.exe
9) In global WW settings, change the new VTF setting to the VTF Version appropriate for your game. For TF2, it should be 7.4. For CS:GO, change it to 7.5.

Now you have the ability to export almost any texture node with the VTF settings.


Here is steps to export with a Substance-driven Material:

1) Open Slate.
2) Create a Substance Map.
3) In the Substance Map, click Load Substance Map and browse for your Substances (like a brick substance that comes with Max).
4) Pipe the Diffuse output to the Diffuse Input of a new Material.
5) Pipe the Normal output to the Bump Input of that material.
6) Name the two intermediary Map Output nodes that were generated something like "example/substance/s1.vtf" and  "example/substance/s1_normal.vtf"
7) Set the material to display realistic materials and apply it to an object in the scene.
8) Select the Object you applied the material.
9) In the WW Menus, click Wall Worm > Wall Worm Materials > Give Obj Mats+Tex WW Materials.
10) Open the diffuse output node in the material editor. Now set the compression, flags, etc.
11) In the material editor, click the Render To TGA button. (Required each time you change a setting in the Substance map).
12) Click the Export Texture as VTF button. (Required each time you change a VTF setting in the map).


I have tried to activate Pro without any luck, I let max through the firewall and all, and even tried to turn off the firewall and defender to see if that helped. It still just takes me to the wallworm pro website. I have triple checked that WallWorm.Stubs.dll and WallWorm.Helpers.dll are in the assemblies folder, and they are. What am I doing wrong?

I'm running 3DS Max 2015

I am sorry you are having this problem. I am sending you an email momentarily.

Wow, that's quick service! Thank you!


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