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ShellVex Brush Tool Released

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ShellVex is a new geometry plugin for building game level layout. It is a compliment to CorVex.

You can buy ShellVex now for the introductory special of $6 through May 31. After that, ShellVex will be $10.

I don't have screen shots yet, but will load some with a new video soon. Until then, the settings and UI description is here.


Version 1.1 Released

   * Added new parameter: "Capped" in the Override Original UVs group in the UI.
   * Renamed parameter Override Mapping to "Extruded" in the Override Original UVs group in the UI.
   * Updated the smoothing on the extruded sides. All smoothing is now removed from those faces.

Version 1.15

   * Added new Button to Print Notices/Errors. When pressed, prints some info to the MAXScript listener if there are possible problems.
   * Fixed bug that can occur when a source object has overlapping vertices in the same polygon.
   * Fixed bug when using the Clean Geometry button. Now the function does not apply a new Turn To Poly modifier each time pressed. If one is present on the source geometry, none is added.
   * Added the SnapVertsToGrid to the Source Geometry when pressing the Clean Geometry button and SnapVertsToGrid modifier is installed.

Version 1.2

   * Added new parameter Sew Outer Verts. This option will sew in the vertices of the extended sections of blocks. This creates an air-tight (sealed) volume of blocks on all sides instead of only the original surface, but comes with a performance hit.


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