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ShellVex Brush Tool Released

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Version 1.21

   * Fixes critical bug when reloading a scene with a ShellVex node already present.
   * Fixes a bug in the Force Convex Polygon function.
   * Fixes a bug in the Concave Faces stack selection function.

1.23 Released. Fixed bugs in the Face selection settings (selection by material ID and by selection).

Version 1.24. Fixed another bug in using faces by material IDs.

Version 1.25

   * Optimized Sew function to run faster.
   * Optimized snap verts to grid to work faster.
   * Added support for some better functions available to 3ds Max 2018.2+. ShellVex gets a bigger performance boost in 3ds Max 2018.2+.
   * Added new Flat Height checkbox/spinner. When on, the extruded faces will align to the world Z position specified by the Flat Height spinner.
   * Added Flip Normals. This option is useful to fix normal problems for some Flat Height Settings.
   * Added support for scaled/rotated source objects.
   * Fixed slow opening of the modify tab when a ShellVex with many faces is selected.


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