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Hi i hope this is the right section for this question and sorry for my bad english i am are german.
How to i update WW Pro i see on check for updates that ther is are update but its for WW free and not pro?
If is install the free version update and unlook it with my pro key is it then the new version installed or the free version?

Whenever I update the free WW, WW Pro is also updated. I actually always update the WW Pro download just before WW Free. Sometimes it is safe to overwrite WW Pro with WW Free if none of the files from WW Pro itself were changed. The safest thing is to download WW Pro from the store.

If there is a significant/critical update, I send out a notice to customers at update time. However, since many people grow tired of email updates, I only do that in very rare occasions. Generally I just post the news here and on the changelog anymore.

But if you see that there is a new WW update, it also means that WW Pro has an update too.

I donwload it from the store and ther i see the folling    5.53MiB    Unlimited downloads    11/15/2015    12/07/2015 wich means new version right

Yes. The first date is probably the date you ordered the product. The second date is the last update time of the download (which is yesterday as of this moment).

AH okay thx for that info then i install the new version.
I installed now i see your version is up to date thx for the help


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