Prop Location in VMF Importer Error Max 2016

Started by wallworm, December 04, 2015, 12:57:20 PM

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I've been working extensively in Max 2016 this week and discovered an issue with the VMF Importer and prop locations. Importing a scene into 2016 can often have incorrectly located props in 2016. I will be investigating this issue and will hopefully have a fix soon. I think the issue relates to how Max 2016 has extended XRef object capabilities that I need to account for, as the problem seems to affect WWMT Proxies generated as XRef Objects.


Another issue with importing and working with maps is that the fgd importer is broken as of the 12-11-15 update in 16 for me. "Parse attempt 21 because of unknown exception"

Here is tf2's tf.fgd with the base.fgd that it includes attached.

Also, works in 2015 with an older version of wall worm. So it's not the fgd which saves you some time of making sure there isn't an error in the file I provided :P


Damn. OK, I'll look at it in a few. Sometimes I don't get enough time and motivation to test all the updates in all versions of Max/WW. I spend most of my time using WW Pro, which doesn't have this problem. I'll look into it and hope to have a fix tonight. No promises though.


I just tested this in my live version of TF2. It worked fine. I tested the version you sent and it failed one parse attempt.

The exact cause of this is hard for me to track down. It seems to be very random and has been occurring ever since I first created the FGD parser. All I can say is that this bug only affects the MAXScript parser in the free WW. I don't have time to track it down at the moment. I can say that this bug is not present in WW Pro (which has a fast compiled parser).

I will look into the free WW parser as soon as I can. But the randomness of this is very hard for me to figure out. To explain how random... there was no update in WW's FGD parser in a couple months, if not longer. There is some kind of bad voodoo in the MAXScript and stringstream readers.


Mind sending me your tf2 fgds? Let's see if mine are bad somehow.

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