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So people are asking me to list the contestants in Contest 1. I do not yet know all of the contestants yet. I'll start listing those in contest 1 here. Just announce your entry in this thread and I'll list you.

These are people who have said they are participating in thread below or who have said they are participating in IMs or email:

* Joris Ceoen
* func_Mathias
* warmup
* the6thmonkey
* K@Rt
* Infidel
* Rush_Freak
* AndraX2000
* Kazer Dax
There are four others whom I know to be considering. If you are on the fence, now's the time to jump in! (I'm going to extend the contest a few weeks to give everyone some more time to practice the out-of-Hammer experience :) ).

Count me in :D

Edit: there is a 90% chance that i won't make it on time :(, so i'm somewhat out.
Edit: Nvm can't make my mind xD

Alright ladies, the Dingo has arrived. I am in.

I'm in as well! :)
Good luck everyone

Joris Ceoen:
I'm in as well  8)


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