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This is a WIP symmetrical arena-styled deathmatch map, set in a large corporate lobby sometime in the future, and my current entry for the Old School Level Design Contest.

From the start I wanted verticality to be a focal point, and having 3 floors of balconies connected by staircases seemed appropriate. I also wanted the central area of the map to feel open while still providing decent cover. Players would be able to drop down from one to the next to change things up during what would normally be a horizontal firefight scross the central area.

There are rooms on the first and second floor in behind the walkways for a bit of added depth as well. on the third floor there is an open catwalk that links the sides together and passes what will be an elevator to/from the ground floor.

Really this map was more of an experiment with using a clean, angular, high contrast "forward" looking visual style that I've wanted to try for a long time. Due to the time constraints I did have to sacrifice a lot of the more "organic" flowing lines I would otherwise have wanted to integrate, but I'm still happy with the result.

This is also my first time using proper subdiv-geometry baking for generating custom textures. I think it turned out pretty well.

To-do list:

- Add an exterior 3D skybox
- Fix light luxel density
- Make lights into proper integrated elements, e.g. refine walls and ceilings
- Add functioning elevator
- Clean up UV mapping
- Add better weapon spawns, possibly retool the gamemode entities
- Add some greenery
- Fill out rooms in more detail

Download here for Counter-Strike: Source: gg_futurelobby

EDIT: Updated name and spawnpoints for GunGame.

Feedback and criticism is welcome!


Looks quite nice so far, it has a mirrors edge feel to it. I'll have a play with it later :)

Edit: Gave it a go and I can see your textures in the archive, but everything appears to be missing its textures in game.  Is there something different about installing materials for hl: source?

Edit2: Opened it in hl2dm and hl:s, missing textures in both.  Looking forward to finding out how I've messed up the installation

Joris Ceoen

Holy damn this looks impressive as well! Great work man :)


Quote from: the6thmonkey on March 19, 2016, 03:41:22 AM
but everything appears to be missing its textures in game.
Pretty sure it's once again an error on your part buddy :P
Worked for me anyway, as well as with the aqualab.
Just be sure to extract the folder inside of the materials folder so you don't end up with a material directory inside the material directory, not sure what else you could have done.


Everything should be included in the ZIP, I didn't bother packing anything into the BSP because it usually gives me issues. I am having to recompile to fix some lighting errors among other things though, so you can feel free to redownload it and try again when that's done.

EDIT: I've updated the map to fix lighting issues and a bumpmap I forgot to add to the ZIP so grab it while it's hot. Beware, there are still optimization errors from too many verts being rendered in the more open areas. I'll have to look into it later.


I'm also having issues. No textures load for me. I've tries HL2DM and CSS (and CSGO, but that just crashes). Hopefully we can resolve this, as the map looks beautiful from the screen shots.

Joris Ceoen

If anything, you could just temorarily pack it with Pakrat. If this happens again in the future, I would advise you to keep all of your materials in one folder and all models in another, that way packing becomes extremely easy even through Pakrat, especially useful for last-resort moments.


So I have an idea. The console has a ton of these:

QuoteFailed to load $include VMT file (materials/OCDEV/LOBBY/PANEL_B3.vmt)
Error: Material "maps/dm_lobby/ocdev/lobby/panel_b3_-766_352_256" uses unknown shader "patch"
Failed to load $include VMT file (materials/OCDEV/LOBBY/PANEL_B3.vmt)
Error: Material "maps/dm_lobby/ocdev/lobby/panel_b3_-798_640_256" uses unknown shader "patch"
Failed to load $include VMT file (materials/OCDEV/LOBBY/PANEL_B1.vmt)
Error: Material "maps/dm_lobby/ocdev/lobby/panel_b1_-798_1120_112" uses unknown shader "patch"

Etc Etc.

When I googled, it appears to be possibly related to maps created for Gmod. So I'm downloading Gmod (uninstalled last year as it's just not my thing) to see if I can load the map correctly in Gmod.

EDIT: Well I reinstalled Gmod and loaded the map, but again missing textures. But I've already forgotten how Gmod files are stored... so maybe there is something special I need to do. In any event, somehow the compiler used for the map doesn't seem to have left the names and shaders that are meant to be on the level. What compilers were used?


I just deleted CSS and about to re-install it from scratch. It had been the same version for years that originally upgraded from pre-steampipe. So hopefully a fresh install of CSS fixes this for me. Otherwise I'm at a loss.

UPDATE: Still have no textures. So disappointing, as the screen shots look so nice. So anyone else able to see the textures or not? Maybe there is some common variable we can discover.


There, finally fixed the issue. My installation of CSS was still full of residual files from before the steampipe update. So it was likely compiling with an old version of VBSP or messing with the file structure (or something, still not sure what). I just backed up my old directory and reinstalled it completely.

Anyways, the materials should work correctly now. I also attempted to do some optimization which helped, but there will still be world flickering issues for players on the catwalk or near the front windows when looking towards the main area.

I also figured I should half the bumpmap resolution to keep the files from eating too much disk space for little visual tradeoff.

Let me know if anyone has any more issues.


Even after the new files, it failed for me again.

So I took the original Max scene and compiled. This time I noticed that even the compiler complained of missing materials, even though OCDEV/lobby folder was in my materials. So on a hunch, I renamed the OCDEV folder to ocdev (lower case). Now the materials were found.

I've never seen this before, and to my knowledge the paths to the files were always case-insensitive especially on Windows; moreover, the capitalization of the files matches exactly what the VMT names are.

This might be a Windows 10 issue, as I'm now on WIndows 10.

I don't want to use the version I compiled as the version in the file I send to the judges, so could you do another compile but rename all the Materials/Textures in Max to a new paths with lower-case. You can do this quickly in Max by selecting an object with your multimaterial that has all the materials, and click: Wall Worm > Wall Worm Materials > Material Utilities. The turn on Rename Textures, change the Match pattern to "OCDEV/lobby/*" and set the New Pth to "ocdev/lobby/" then click the Change Material Names button. It will update both the names of the materials and the textures. Then you'll need to click Wall Worm > Wall Worm Materials > Export Brush Textures.

Hopefully this will solve the issue across the board.


There we go. Updated the file paths, packed all the materials in the BSP, toned down the number of cubemaps (which fixed the optimization issues, thanks for the idea, Shawn!), and updated the player spawns and map name for GunGame.

This is the last update for the competition, any more to do with the map will probably come later in off-time when I can use models and such.


I love this style and this type of geometry <3

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