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The Old School Level Design Contest #1 was an encouraging start to the world of level design in 3ds Max. Judging for that contest is underway and I'm laying the groundwork for the next contest Something Beautiful. This opening post will change when the official rules are in. Things you can expect in the next contest is a requirement to use our sponsor's software (even if just using Demo versions) somewhere in the pipeline. That will include all the sponsors of Contest #1. As such, the next contest will have requirements that the sponsoring software from #1 will be highly useful in reaching the goals (so expect foliage (growFX), weathered textures (enRichPro) and a managerial/organizational task (Zookeeper))

To get juices flowing for the next contest, you can expect that you'll be able to use models and displacements in it.

This contest is sponsored by:

Joris Ceoen:
Ah, so there's a theme for the next contest? So that means we cannot use our previous maps?

Well I do want a theme to drive contest #2. Using the map you already started could still be utilized... since I'm sure that zombie apocalypses happen on alien worlds. The proof: Pandorum. Of course, that's pending on the voting on the theme.

Not being a fan of being too restricted with only one visual theme, could we maybe do a top two or three that we can choose between for the contest?
I just imagine having 10 maps on for example a snowy pole could be kinda stale overall, of course people could be creative but it'd still be a lot of snow you know.

Personally I think it's better to have idea themes, like what we just had with only making levels out of world geometry.
Or like what Shawn has done with one of his earlier maps where the idea was to make the map dynamically smaller or bigger depending on the number of players.
I like the dynamic scaling level one a lot, it's something that's not really limiting, it just sparks a lot more ideas for me than simply "antient ruins" and such.

Doesn't mean we can't have visual themes, but I think it's important to make them as vague as possible and/or offer a selection to alienate/restrict as few as possible.
One month might just be a very bad one for someone to come up with ideas for arctic stuff, maybe they have a lot of ideas for alien stuff that month, but if it's all about arctic they may not join.

That's what I think anyway, don't know what to vote because I don't know what I'll be inspired for in a month, might not even be any of the current themes.

Joris Ceoen:
Well, for me it's OK to have a fixed theme, many contests in the past that I participated at had a different theme each time around, however I simply had the impression that the chain in which these contests happened was for one project to evolve by limiting the restrictions over time. But I'm all for making a new ZE map anways. I understand if there are others that would like to carry their first project, however, as they have spent quite some time in it. It should be kind of a reward for having participated on the first contest, but then again newcomers should have some guidance on where to look at, then a theme comes in handy.


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