Noesis the multi model, texture, animation viewer and converter

Started by ThomasRK1000, October 29, 2013, 11:57:55 PM

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Since I have been asking for help on the forum, I might as well link to something of use. This program has been a major help as of late. Noesis by SeƱor Casaroja

I have been using it to finish porting over Doom 3 (ROE and mods) models and textures to Source for Source Filmmaker. The files in question are models (.md5mesh) and skeletal animations (.md5anim). This is because the rhe .MD5mesh import scripts for 3ds Max 2014, 2013 are broken, bones everywhere! It is possible to convert .MD5mesh model files to .SMD or .obj via Noesis.

Fun tip: Open a model file then from Windows Explorer drag and drop an animation file on to the preview screen to see the model animated. It can be exported this way too.


Thanks for the tip. I'm sure some people will find it handy!

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