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Built into WWMT is a Material Library Generator to convert collections of Source Materials into 3ds Max materials.

One thing I am considering changing is the default of creating a DirectX material for all materials. I need DirectX Material for the Blend Materials (for displacements) but I'm beginning to think it was not a good idea for the World brush materials... since I have noticed a lot of viewport display issues using DirectX materials and Nitrous (3ds Max 2012).

Anyone else seeing this? Opinions?

Hi wallworm,

I am very interested in getting this working but I am getting an error message as shown here...

I am using:

Max 2012 x64 (running as admin)
Windows 7 x64
Steam is running

This is what I get...

Do you have the Wunderboy VTA Importer installed? The tool works best if you have that installed.

If not, make sure that all  your VTF files have been converted to TGA files. You can use VTFEdit for that.

Note that I have majorly updated the way WW exports materials in the last couple of weeks... and I have not had time to test how that affects the materials generated by the Material Library Generator. It may just work... but I have not tested since WWMT 1.85 release. I have also not had time to update docs... so best thing is to read the 1.85 changelog and all things since them here.

Hopefully it works with the recommendations above. If not, let me know.

I've updated the link above to the current address for this tool at

Also, there were many updates to this in the last several months. Mainly, the tool works faster and collects a much larger percentage of settings from VMT files now... and uses the new WW Source Parameters custom attributes in the materials. Enjoy.

Though earlier today the Material Library Generator was working 100% fine, it somehow broke and no longer recognizes VMTs that exist in the specified folders. I restarted 3ds max numerous times, as well as my computer, and it hasn't fixed, so I'll list out the circumstances to help the troubleshooting.

* The VMTs, VTFs, and TGAs are all in the same folder
* The textures that don't import into 3ds max work properly in hammer
* There is one folder that works in the Material Library Generator, but there is no difference in the VMTs (other than the folder path
* The material libraries generated with the Material Library Generator before the incident work properly, and export properlyThanks in advance.


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