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My best guess is that the MatGen Path is wrong. Can you verify that the MatGen path in the global settings is in the correct location?

The problem seems to have sorted out itself (fortunately because it did, but unfortunately because I don't know what caused it, as the MatGen path was set to the correct location). For anyone who is reading this later, you may also be running into an issue I ran into a while before, where the VMTs won't be detected if you set the MatGen path to the direct location of the files. For example, if you dump all your textures you want in the library into one folder called "Decals" on your desktop, and set your MatGen path to the following:
--- Quote ---C:\Users\username\Desktop\Decals
--- End quote ---
you will get the said error. To fix this, you just need to create a folder inside the folder, (let's call it "Decals", again), and place the files in the first "Decals" folder into the second "Decals" folder.

Yes, the material library generator will not make materials from VMTs that are in the root of the MatGen path. The root mat gen path must be the container for folders where your materials go. It generally matches the way Source organizes materials.

The way I set it up is that I have a folder called materials_csgo that represents the materials folder in the game. Inside that folder are all the subfolders (Brick, Concrete, etc) that match the game (because they were extracted directly from the game). That folder and sub-folders have all of the original VMTs and VTFs. It also has a TGA for each VTF (because VTFs don't work in Max 2013+). My MatGen path is set to the materials_csgo folder.

Using this setup should work for you.

Hopefully this is helpful in explaining how it works.

Well, it seems I've run into an issue with this when I reorganized my materials earlier today  :-\
Pretty much what I've done is put a folder named "tf.materials" on my desktop, and extracted all the vtf's and vmt's into that folder (of course, converting the vmt's into tga's). However, when I attempt to create a material library for this folder (or any of the folders inside), I get this error:

(ignore the name of the library, I forgot you couldn't put /'s into names of files)

Strangely though, some of my older custom textures seem to work, so I have no clue what's going on. Just to make sure, I checked and I had the MatGen path in the correct location, as well as the latest version of Wall Worm. Help would be appreciated.

This is probably because a VMT has a syntax error or a syntax I didn't anticipate. If you can figure out the specific VMT choking it, it will help me figure out the problem.

Also, like you mentioned, never use special characters for any of the file names. For the filters it is safe to use things like *,/\ etc.

To help find the VMTs that crash, you can type this into the MAXScript listener (F11):

wallworm_debug = true

then hit Enter. Then re-open the generator and start over. Note that when debug is on, almost ALL WW tools work way slower and outputs a bunch of info in the MAXScript listener. So when done, type: wallworm_debug = false and hit enter.


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