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Hello, I'm curious if the source mod: "no more room in hell" could be allowed as game to make an entry for?  If not I suppose I could keep it as a hl2 deathmatch map and convert it at a later date, after the contest.

NMRIH has been added to the list :)

Awesome, thanks for the additon :)

What of maps that are actually models (.mdl instead of .bsp)? I've seen this done before in SFM in order to make parts posable.

Here's some examples:

Edit: Also, I suddenly realized that Source Filmmaker isn't in the list of games either. It's the only one I definitely know how to upload stuff on though. xD

The general problem with SFM is that it isn't really for making games and levels for players to run around in. Maybe it's time for you to make use a TF2 or CSGO level! :)


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