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Started by wallworm, September 05, 2013, 12:32:20 PM

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I have started laying out ideas for a new commercial toolset for game designers, previously code-named WormWare. I've already got a list of really cool primitives, modifiers and utilities that will make the level design process even more fun. I'm not going to say what those ideas are just yet, but I will say that I am in communication with another well-known, popular 3ds Max developer who will collaborate on this project. I'll release his name when we are further along and he is prepared to handle emails en-masse.

At this moment, we don't know the exact number of tools or the cost, but I intend to make it very affordable.

The purpose of this thread is to get ideas on the types of design tools you'd like to have and would be willing and happy to pay for. Keep in mind that this new toolset is independent of Wall Worm Model Tools, Anvil, etc. This is an independent project for new tools and utilities to design objects in Max regardless of the target game engine (for example, not just for Source). So if you have an idea for Wall Worm Model Tools, post in another thread. :)


So there hasn't been any feedback on this thread yet.

The question is: what kind of generic game-design tools do you all want? Spill the beans!


I've now got two plugins ready for release. As soon as I get the documentation and videos ready, I will release them. There will be more following.

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