[Finished] UVW Mapping on Displacements

Started by wallworm, December 18, 2011, 11:12:31 AM

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Right now the Displacement Tool does not honor any uvw mapping. It's a flaw that several have asked about.

Right now I am investigating how to get UVW mapping to export properly. I have already started the process and in my local tests have gotten at least closer to doing this. THe problem has been my flemsy understanding of the technical aspects of UVW Mapping and vertices/faces.

So for those of you wanting this, be happy to know that I am studying the problem.

One of the problems is that, to my knowledge, you cannot apply per-face UVW onto a face in a Source Displacement. Each Source Displacement gets its single UVW coordinates from the underlying brush face... and all of the UVW of the displacement tris comes from the position they started from on that original brush face. If that is confusing to you, that is fine. But if it is not confusing to you and you have any understanding of MAXScript, please feel free to contact me with any input on fleshing out the UVW of displacements.

I think I have the proper tiling code ready locally. But I do not have the correct rotation and UVW Plain orientation code for complex UVW rules... as the version I'm working on assumes that all UVW orientation are aligned wth the underlying brush. But what I'm trying to do is make it so that you can arbitrarily apply a Planar UVW (or Box) to an arbitrary set of Displacements and move, rotate and scale the UVWs with the UVW gizmos and have that mapping export into Source.


y=mx+b Thats the answer I am sure of it, if it doesn't work well try E=mc².

That's all the help I can be on this.



Ha :P

Actually, the UVW on displacements work now. But there are some limitations at the moment: since displacements use the DirectX shader... any scaling/translation in the render texture's maps don't appear in the screen. The only uvw scaling/translation/rotation that you'll see properly is that of the actual UVW coordinates in a UVW modifier... not those inside a bitmap texture in the material editor.

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