Ability to change the default WWMT helper font size

Started by Klizmotron, October 17, 2016, 04:44:55 AM

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I know that you can always resize model's helper using scale tool or changing it's font size manually, but I personally always sticked to using small helpers for my models all set up in some special region of my scene to access them quicker and easier. Big helpers are ok if you work on one model per scene, but if you use bodygropus, for example, you already have several WWMT helpers in your scene which are spawned very lagre (in comparison with player's dimensions at least) in Max scene. It would be good to have an option to set the default text size in WWMT settings menu so that the new helpers are created with the defined text size and you don't have to scale them down all the time. Another thing you could do is to make helpers' scale comparable to model's OBBox size, so that if you have a large model, it will create a large helper, for a small one it will create a smaller one. It would lessen the time spent on scene management and would just make helpers appearance nicer.


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