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Started by MikhailVasilev, August 05, 2013, 01:35:17 PM

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WWtools must have Icons : )

Hi Shawn. This is my first icons test  for WWtools. Tell me what you think about it.


I like these! I guess one thing is to decide what functions are best suited for icons (all the macroscripts that are part of WW for sure... and then perhaps some other UI elements). Hopefully we can get some others to chime in with opinions.


Heh, these are quite nice. I like how cute some of these worms look. I'm not that familliar with all the wallworm tools outside of mostly the model exporing, but for me anyways it's not that descriptive what they would be for, at first glance anyway. Though I'm sure they'll make it easy once you get familliar with them. I'm not really sure what could use icons but I'm thinking the worm with the big eyes (7th from the right) would fit great for a donate button xP, though i guess that's not something that would get priority being a toolbar but still. Or possibly worm face. Looks nice so far tho!



Any new updates on this project? I'm curious to see these coming along :)


Some updates for WWtools Icon Design : )

Image after upload somehow blurred
in the next release I will point out which functions which icons in my opinion
It still in develop. I need some time to learn this subject(24px icon design)


I want to find a style. I am not happy at all last icons.


I personally think I like the more whimsical icons above.


Yes... i like abstraction too : )

I will return to the icons design soon(about two weeks)
It's too many professional work now


Mikhail... still have access to the files for this project? I'd like to add some icons at some point and I always did like your ideas.


Time flies!

There are some major updates to WW coming and I'd like to include some UI polish with them. You still interested in providing icons? If Mikhail cannot, maybe someone else has good icon design skills and some free time?

I'd like the icons to be simple and friendly (as in Mikhail's examples). I'm not necessarily a fan of the current software trend to make icons all monotone... as I would prefer that the colors of icons can help draw your eyes to specific functions.

If possibly, please make the icons either in CorelDraw (any version), SVG or Adobe Illustrator up to CS5.

Anyone who can provide me a complete set of the icons below that I like will get a WW Store voucher to get all commercial WW plugins (WW Pro, Corvex, etc).

Functions I'd like to have icons for:


  • WWMT UI Launcher
  • Convert Selected Objects to a WWMT
  • Create Collision Hull of selected
  • Bodygroup UI Launcher
  • Convert Scene to WWMT
  • Export Model to Game
  • Randomize Skins of Selected Models

Level Design:

  • Launch Anvil
  • Brush Entity UI Launcher
  • Point Entity UI Launcher
  • Launch Entity Explorer
  • Move to World
  • Launch CorVex Utility Floater
  • ShellVex: Create Corridor
  • ShellVex: Create Terrain
  • Launch Carver UI
  • Create Displacements From Selection
  • Sew Displacements
  • Paint Multiblends/4way on Displacements
  • Create Sculpt Mesh
  • Commit Sculpt Mesh
  • Merge Sculpt Meshes
  • Displacement Explorer
  • Brush Mode
  • Tag Geometry as Brush
  • Tag Geometry as Concave Brush
  • Tag Geometry as Func Detail
  • Tag Geometry as Grouped Func Detail
  • Tag Geometry as Sky
  • Skip Object from VMF Exporter
  • Un-Tag Geometry as Brush
  • Un-Tag Geometry as Concave Brush
  • Un-Tag Geometry as Func Detail
  • Un-Tag Geometry as Grouped Func Detail
  • Un-Tag Geometry as Sky
  • Launch Brush Explorer
  • Generate RAD File
  • Generate RES File
  • Generate Soundscape File
  • Load Cordon Manage UI
  • Load Leak File
  • Load Portal (PRT) File
  • Get Brush By ID
  • Load BSP Compile Log
  • Select Skybox Items
  • Select Brushes
  • Select Displacements


  • Launch WormFace
  • Launch Alpha Spec
  • Create ProPal Around Selections
  • Create ProPalBoard for Selection
  • Add WW to Selected Mats in Editor
  • Give Obj Mats WW Materials
  • Give Obj Mats + Tex WW Materials
  • Create DX Shader from Blend/Composite Materials
  • Update Blend Materials
  • VMT Importer
  • Material Library Generator
  • Bitmaps to Materials
  • Replace Object Textures with Bitmaps
  • Merge Materials of Selected Objects
  • Auto Name Materials
  • Material Merger
  • Material Utilities
  • Export Brush Materials
  • Export Model Materials
  • Export IFL to Makesheet
  • Export Overview Texture
  • Export Textures to WAD


  • Check for Updates
  • Check for Problems
  • Display Floater
  • Unfreeze UI
  • Hide All Displacement Brushes
  • Hide All LODS
  • WW Settings


  • Import VMF/MAP
  • Import Model


  • WW Forums
  • WW Docs
  • WW Changelog

Geometry Objects:

  • Source Model
  • Sky Writer
  • CorVex
  • ShellVex
  • PropLine
  • Detail Group
  • Detail Type
  • Detail Prop
  • Arch Primitive
  • ProPalBoard
  • ProPal
  • Rocky (for generating ROCKS)


  • Snap Verts to Grid
  • Break Non-Planar Polygons
  • Create Hull for Each Element
  • Create Hull of Each Selected Element
  • Create Hull of Selected Elements
  • Create Hull of Selected Faces
  • Wrap One Hull on Selection
  • Decrease Grid Spacing
  • Increase Grid Spacing
  • Align Face Normals Out From Center
  • Align Face Normals Out From Pivot
  • Align Selected Face Normals Out From Center
  • Align Selected Face Normals Out From Pivot
  • Select Element Normals
  • Set Normals Out From Bottom
  • Set Normals Out From Center
  • Set Normals Out From Closest to Pivot
  • Set Normals Out From Element Bases
  • Set Normals Out From Element Centers
  • Set Normals Out From Element Closest to Center
  • Set Selected Normals Out From Element Bases
  • Set Selected Normals Out From Element Bottoms
  • Set Selected Normals Out From Element Centers
  • Set Selected Normals Out From Element Closest to Center
  • Set Selected Normals Out From Element Closest to Pivot
  • Stitch Border Normals
  • Walkthrough Mode
  • Show Verts Off Grid (xView)
  • Show Selected Verts Off Grid (xView)
  • Display Selected Object Dimensions

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