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Coming Soon... a new plugin for rocks and faster environments driven by Substance maps. It's an addon for WW. Here's the first teaser:

Looks impressive, what versions of max will it work with?

It should work in all versions of Max as it's a scripted set of plugins, custom attributes and new functions. The only requirement is that it only works with WW installed as it piggybacks many of the functions already built for the Bitmaps to Materials functions.

Also, added another video in OP.

I had to resurrect this thread; what happened to the Rocky plugin? It looks great, but seems to be no longer available?

Thanks for the question. It's a really cool tool that I've used many times as well as some of my prominent testers. However, the main challenge is that I haven't cleaned up all the rough edges nor found time to document it. I just don't want to put it onto the store when it's not as documented/streamlined as the other plugins. I'll think about trying to get it ready to ship in the near future.


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