2nd uv channel decaltexture (converting FBX to smd or mdl?)

Started by kinggambit, December 11, 2016, 09:08:34 PM

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Valve info on feature:http://blog.counter-strike.net/workshop/maps.php#uv_set

From what I've heard, I guess FBX just combines a lot of the information opposed to OBJ which requires a different process than WW's to compile a MDL.

If the workflow below is correct, could anyone explain how to do the fbx to smd?
Is there any point in this workflow where I can just plug it into WW again?

Export a mesh as FBX -> convert FBX to SMD -> manually make QC and use WW SMD Export (or crowbar?) -> compile into MDL


There is native support for this. I just haven't documented it yet.

When you create a WWMT Helper, select the helper, open the Modify Tab in the command panel and scroll down to the Export QC & Model button. You'll see some checkboxes. Among them is Use FBX (only some mods). Check that option and re-export the model. Now it will make a FBX file instead of SMD and it will use that in the QC.

Note that I didn't add this to the WWMT main UI, just in the modify tab. If you don't see it, it means you need to update WW.

And just so people know who read this: this feature is only available in latest WW AND only works in CS:GO.


That's some fortunate news! Will definitely try it out.

Awesome work as always Shawn!


old bump.

FBX checked will result in a pitch black model. Compile shows fbx was used (FBX file was exported and referenced in the QC). VMT uses $decaltexture "de_aurora/decals/decal_machinery" which is correct. I tried setting the uv channel to 0 unsuccessfully.

edit: Apparently, I had to name the main material as the diffuse bitmap's name and it worked! ;D Yanzl took the liberty of looking into the fbx to see what material name it was referencing. Beyond my level of understanding but in case anyone runs into the same dilemma in the future.


Thanks for sharing your find. Nice model :) Looks like there might be a smoothing issue in center of the image.

It's too bad the compiler is using the bitmap name rather than the material name. I'll ask Valve if they can add an option to use the material name instead... as that will keep it consistent with how WW SMD works by default.

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