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Started by Howser, January 08, 2017, 01:25:45 PM

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Hi, its my first post so I should start by saying Love the wall worm tools even though I've just started using them.
I think they can make working with the source engine a real pleasure (as opposed to what its been in the past) so thank you very much.

One thing I wanted to do with Wall worm is to render particle effects in karkatoa
I believe you could make some awesome alien skyboxes using that. Sadly I dont think its possible to use this with sky writer currently.
May be nice to use Vray too.  Maybe I've overlooked the settings but it seems to ignore my default renderer and just uses mental ray.



Thanks for joining and posting.

I have rendered several skies utilizing particle systems. All of my renders have utilized either Scanline or Mental Ray. Unfortunately, I don't own Vray or Krakatoa yet--both have been on my radar for years. Unfortunately, until I get them I cannot test this. That being said, I should expect it to use the renderer in global render settings. So are you experiencing a specific error? Maybe there is a specific case needed for Vray. I know that there is a chunk of code in SKywriter for Vray, but it was written in blind a few years ago based on info a Vray user provided. Perhaps it's no longer compatible...


To be honest I haven't spent a huge amount of time trying to get it to work with Vray, I just changed it to my default renderer as a test after krakatoa failed.  It appears to revert straight back to some mental ray preset when sky writer is ran.

Im using 3ds max 2017 and haven't got the Licenced wall worm yet. It doesn't give any error messages when I set my global renderer to either krakatoa or Vray... just reverts to mental ray.

Honestly Vray isn't that important but Krakatoa could make some stunning Skybox effects. I can get vanilla max particles to render no problem but they're very difficult to get looking good.

Perhaps the demo/trail would be sufficient I believe it just watermarks your renders, so you may be able to test it yourself. I'll keep fiddling around but I thought it might be a good suggestion for a feature as some of the results you get in krakatoa are like nothing else. Especially for nebula/space scenes


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