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Started by wallworm, February 15, 2017, 11:54:29 PM

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I just wanted to put this news out. I spent more time in 3ds Max 2017 than others in the last 3 months and I have to admit that despite the new goodies that I really love, there are some serious flaws right now. Some of those flaws are general, and some hurt WW. One particular issue is doing Vertex Painting is very buggy in 2017--and this is a problem for displacements. So at this time I'm officially saying that 2016 is the preferred version of Max. There are other problems too.

I'm a 3ds Max charter member so have close inside contacts with the developers. I've expressed my concerns and they know of most major problems. I hope a service pack will address them. But as of right now, I have gone back entirely to 2016.


Aight. I'm currently using wallworm to export models at the moment. I don't think that I will face the issue while using max 17


If you are using Max 2017/2018 on a Geforce video card, please consider letting Nvidia know that this problem needs urgent attention.


I want to bring up this discussion again to help get to the bottom of the 2017+ problems with GeForce Cards.

I recently ran into a situation where a file I'd made in 2017 needed to be saved back to 2016. But launching 2017 would crash my computer and literally make it unbootable for ten minutes. So my suspects were that something was getting too hot. And I do know that 2017 utilizes the graphics card more than ever before. This had become a constant issue when trying to test 2017 (but only when using 2017 and opening complex scenes; even though I'd been testing 2018 in the Beta, I had not really opened my larger projects because those require plugins that are not yet available).

Anyway, I even took my computer in to test for hardware problems. What was brought to light was that the graphics card fans were not spinning appropriately. The card was getting exceptionally hot.

So at the behest of the technician, we installed EVGA Precision XOC. This allows overriding the fan settings. We set the card to use a minimum of 50% fan speed and the card cooled down. And now Max 2017 has not crashed.

I do not momentarily have the time to test extensively how much this holds up to other viewport problems I've experienced or if it relates to other issues others are having. But I wanted to share this for the benefit of others and to see if others can solve their problems by increasing the fan speed.

I have a gut feeling that a GeForce Driver Update changed the fan/power policy to a state that was not appropriate for using Max 2017.


There is a Geforce Driver Update that may fix 2017/2018 display problems. According to preliminary reports, Geforce Game Ready Driver 384.76 whql will fix the massive 2017/2018 display problems. I have not tested this myself yet, but sharing the news.

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