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Started by wallworm, March 09, 2017, 09:59:14 PM

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So the last contest flopped. This was a great embarrassment to me as I take pride in all of WW and obviously hate to fail at something. But I talked to many of the WW inner circle and tried to get to the bottom of the flop. The main issue that I heard was that users were not keen on having to install demo versions of the sponsors' plugins. I've discussed this with several of the sponsors and several will still be supporting the next contest. I cannot promise that the prize pool will be as big as the last contest, but at least some of the sponsors will be in the next one. The next contest will not have that requirement.

So this brings me to the point of this post. I want to stir the waters a little and get some ideas form you all about what would make the next contest exciting, fun and rewarding for you all? Right now it's just brainstorming.

Joris Ceoen

For me, it hasn't really much to do with the demo's or lack of ideas. It's all about school. I'm entering the very last stage of my entire master's degree, so there's barely anything I will be able to focus on but that. And, in the coming summer months I have almost no time due to 2 exams I postponed + a lot of concerts...

With certainity I can say I will not be able to partipcate to any contest, whatsoever  :'( and believe me, I'm getting to the point of wanting nothing else (I've been in the school system for... 18 years now. It's time that it stops).

I wish good luck to the other people who are willing to enter!


I'd suggest a broad category of contest, so that people with a wide variety of interests can take part.


Thanks guys. I suppose you're off the hook Joris :P And I think a wide open contest for next one is probably a good idea.

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