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For a few years the site for the community to cast their vote on features for 3ds Max was Uservoice. In the last few months, the Max UserVoice  was taken down in favor of Autodesk Ideas which is tied to your Autodesk Community account.

I encourage all Max users to share ideas for features you'd like there. I'm going to post some here that I know would benefit WW users.


* Add a mesh transform method for meshop struct in MAXScript
* Explicit Normals to Smoothing Groups
* Revamp Spline Functions and SplineOps Methods
Assets & Team Management

* Asset Policies
* Convert Local Files to Relative Paths Fixes and new option
Viewport Canvas

There are several problems with Viewport Canvas. So I'm going to just link to several Viewport Canvas ideas that should get your vote. In the event you haven't used Viewport Canvas, it's a tool to paint directly onto models in the Max viewport.

* Viewport Canvas Should Paint into Padding
* Viewport Canvas Needs Ignore Backface Option
* General Improvements to Viewport Canvas
UVW Enhancements

* Acquire UVW from other surfaces
* UVW Map Show Texture Overlay Options
Decal Tools

* Tools for Creating Decals

* Filter Forge Support
* OSL support for Vertex Illum and Vertex Alpha channels
* Vertex Color Map support for Vertex Illum and Vertex Alpha channels
* Render Map options for OSL/Substance (Map Output Selector)

* Retriangulation in Displace Modifier
* Cap Mapping Improvements
* Slice Function Improvements
* Keep Sub-Object Named Selection Sets on Collapse and up modifier stack

We need better Decal Tools:

We need Filter Forge Maps like Substance Maps:

Collaboration on teams would benefit from this new feature: Asset Policies.

Added new Max idea to vote on : Retriangulation Functions (Displacement Modifier and New Retriangulate Modifier)


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