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Started by AeRo, June 11, 2017, 04:25:50 AM

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Export Cleaner is very useful tool to fix errors after buggy max and other modifiers.

I'm always use it after slice and quad chamfer modifier.

But this modifier don't go to Max Buttons sets and also not listable inside ActiveType max tool. It is possible to fix this?

Also by default weld vertices is not needed and threshold 0.1 is to high. By default Off and 0.01 were by my opinion better.

Joris Ceoen

So, Export Cleaner is a modifier that you utilise, and you can't make it display on the preset buttons? Or am I misunderstanding this... in any event, about the weld vertices, the default is always 0.1, which often can end up being too high if you are working on a model that has a lot of vertices near each other. I always manually insert 0.01 whenever I need, though perhaps there is an option in the preferences of 3DS Max to set this to 0.01 on default


Yes, I can't make it display on the preset buttons: after restart 3d max preset button is empty.


I think this is a bug in Max related to it being a scripted plugin. I will look into it and report to Autodesk if it is.

Note that Export Cleaner will break explicit normals. I made it for a few special cases.

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