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Started by thenone1122, October 19, 2017, 08:45:57 AM

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Thanks for your post.

Please provide some more information:

  • What Version of 3ds Max (2016, 2018, etc)?
  • What Service Pack for your version is installed?
  • What version # of Wall Worm?
  • Is this the free WW or WW Pro?
  • What action were you taking to get this error? Please provide a step-by-step instruction on how you reached this error.


use 3ds Max 2016

version of Wall Worm 3.3

use WW Pro

I import vmf when I finish importing materials i have error materials.


This is an odd one. Can you check a few things?

First, verify that WW Pro is properly activated. You can do this by opening the global settings and seeing the version # at the top. It should just say WW Pro v3.3. If it's not activated, it will say something else.

If that is OK, see if the VTF Importer works correctly. You can do this via opening up the Slate material editor and dragging a VTF file from your desktop onto the Slate view. If the VTF shows correctly, then that is OK.

If neither of those is incorrect, we may need to look at some other things. In that case, contact me directly on Discord. The WW Discord channel is available in the WW Menu: Wall Worm > Wall Worm Online > Wall Worm Discord Channel.


I dragged the vtf file onto the Slate view, but nothing happened.


OK, there's one step we can pursue.

Can you run the Install.ms script for Wall Worm Pro again. After that, restart Max and see if you can open VTF files in Slate.


I reInstall and can not open VTF files in Slate.


OK, I will probably need to help you set up over screenshare. Contact me on discord.

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