Making a Price is Right Wheel

Started by NG, November 10, 2017, 03:53:45 PM

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How do I transition from the different states in the qc? Idle -> Pull -> Roll (infinite loop) -> RandomEnd


Basically, animate the wheel where frame 0 is full stop, then set a keyframe at frame 2, from there animate it start spin, spinning, then spinning down. After that, use the sequence rollout in WWMT and make a sequence called start, another called spin, and another called stop. Now for each set frame 2-start end, spin-start tp spin end, and start stop to stop end in the three sequences, For the spin one set the loop option. Now export.


So I have to handle animation logic in Hammer? I'm using logic_random for the sequence selections (each Price has a keyframe),
How do I make the sequences blend together? (Idle -> StartSpin -> Loop -> Random sequence. ) The in and out of loop is not understood.

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