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So What the Hell is a Wall Worm Anyway?

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Good question!

By all accounts (and by all, I'm refering to mine) a Wall Worm is good on a cracker. This assertion has been tentatively confirmed by Brian Atherton. Since that definition is likely not very satisfying to most people, here is a little history.

One day as a teenager I was preparing to leave Brett's appartment. Brett was a childhood friend and the brother of the previously introduced Brian Atherton. Brett and I were preparing to trek up to Westland Mall (a nearby shopping center popular with teenagers who wanted to act like they were there to buy expensive basketball shoes but were in reality there to scope out females).

Just as we were about to leave, Brett's dad boomed out in an ominous and overly dramatic slur something that changed the course of history.* See, Brett's dad was well known for stumbling, shuffling, spiritous imbibing and general swings from indifference to grouchiness. I'm not sure what mood he was in, but I remember him sitting up with intended authority; his eyes were wide in his gaunt face... and he pointed a finger at our general direction.

"Damn kids gunna get yerselfs killed!" he said. I think he was talking to us... but maybe to the ancestors... I wasn't sure. Brett and I turned to leave.

From behind came those ominous words: "Better watch out for those damn wall worms."

And that is the origin of the term.

Anyway... the internet age has come upon us... and I've found that this nifty phrase has caused uneasiness. Firewalls help protect against worms... so some people think that it must be some kind of virus! Now with Facebook and the term Wall monopolized for something we all "own"... it evokes fears of Boob spam.

In any event, Wall Worm doesn't have anything to do with that stuff. It's just a crazy rant I heard as a kid and thought it was unique.

Is it this?


--- Quote from: Andrax2000 on February 16, 2011, 09:58:02 am ---Is it this?

--- End quote ---

Almost... but that looks a little tastier.

I think that is now and forever confirmed that the people I know are mentally incapable of being intelligent. I think I should find a new group of friends. I mean take for example, how did I get on this site? Good question. I will tell thee.
I receieved a phone call from a basement dwelling, hoping-to-be-awesome "web designer" who said 'I created a site.. for WallWorm topics and I signed you up". Really? Isn't that fairly presumptous? What if I don't want to talk about WallWorm topics. Hmmm....?
But here I sit typing out BS on a WallWrom topics site just so I don't upset this basement hermit and have to see him on the news for drowning himself in his Beta's fishbowl. Poor Beta... I could never be so mean to him....


--- Quote from: deathdingo on February 19, 2011, 10:58:29 pm --- I think that is now and forever confirmed that the people I know are mentally incapable of being intelligent.
--- End quote ---

Actually... we are physically unable of being intelligent... our wives keep the you-know-whats in broken mason jars... and the stress of the whole ordeal keeps the brain from getting too advanced.


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