Thats right, daddies here 8)

Started by vash, March 08, 2011, 09:36:44 PM

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Alright little girls, its about time I put you back in your place.  I know you missed getting owned, head-shotted, knifed, T-bagged and worst of all, being spanked  8)  .   No need to get to excited, I broke my last paddle on Whoreatio Pump and (Big) Lippy. As soon as I get a new one I will let you little girls know.  Until our next session, enjoy being owned by life  ;D


      -- Head Shot God
      -- Chick Magnet


I think this may be further proof that this kid has deviant desires. He's calling a bunch of grown men his babies. I think he should move to San Francisco where he will fit in better.


The obsession with spanking grown men is a little disturbing. It might stem from an inner desire to be spanked yourself. I think we should explore this hypothosis.


     Despite his inability to accurately view his mapping suckiness, he is right on with his Hypothesis of Vag. A need to mother grown men and a perverse desire to spank said men, is testament to the criss-crossed wiring in this young pups mind. Sad to say it, but we all should have expected this sort of of surfacing of demented wants. After all look who his nearest male role models are. Shawn and Eric leave a lot of debilitating influence on the maturity and stable sexuality of all they encounter. It is only through the great self will and excellent upbringing of the rest of us that we are not also caught in this wanton fetish with older men.


Brag all you want, but success rules.  I killed 42 bots with only one death using nothing but a knife on Militia.  Hah!!
So, who's your daddy?  Huh?  Huh?


Oh yeah?

Well I murdered 23 paint cans with two clips of my SIG!
That's in real life!!


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