Model Textures in Latest Exporters

Started by wallworm, August 16, 2012, 02:15:43 PM

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The latest versions of WW have changed the ways that Materials/Textures get exported. Two MAJOR change has been the paths that VTFs export to and the names used for Materials.

The names of materials (VMT files) no longer use the diffuse bitmap by default. If you are using the Wunderboy or Cannonfodder SMD Exporters, however, you cannot use this method. When using those Exporters, you will need to change to the old way of generating Material names ... do this in the Material Options of the main WW Settings by turning on Legacy Tex Names.*

*When using the WWMT Fallback SMD Exporter, I do not recommend this... as the new mthod allows the reuse of VTF files across multiple models. When using WWMT Fallback SMD Exporter (Required in Max 2013 and optional in other versions) I recommend turning off Legacy Tex Names.

The other new option is the Legacy VTF ... which is a change in the way the VTF files are exported. Previously, the output path of a VTF file was always based off of the Material Name (for brush materials) and the Model's Material Path (for model materials). The Legacy VTF will turn that method back on.

When off (recommended) the VTF output path is based off of the Name of the bitmap node of the TGA/PSD in the material Editor. By name, I mean the map node in the material editor (not the actual file name).

In the new way, a TGA file (test.tga) with a Bitmap Node name of "testing/stuff" will export to testing/stuff/test.vtf regardless of the output path of the VMT or model material path.


Here is a new video demonstrating materials/textures for the latest versions of Wall Worm.

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