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I have found that Sky Writer is not working as expected in CS:GO. I discovered this while making a new video on using some of the latest features of Wall Worm that overviews exporting a level with a 3d skybox, 2d sky, models and animated textures.

Anyway, the point here is that to export skies into CS:GO, just export them into CS:Source instead... then copy over the VMT/VTF files for your sky from the cs:s/cstrike/materials/skybox to the cs:go/csgo/materials/skybox folder. That is the solution until I figure out all the compile parameters for exporting straight into CS:GO. I had hoped that it was just as simple as using the -oldcubepath compile parameter like in L4D... but no, it simply isn't working. I also hoped that I could just pass the HDR PFM in a cube-cross format... but even though that seems promising, the sky isn't working in game that way.

Input is appreciated.

I'll hopefully release that video this week.

This is no longer true. When exporting for CS:GO, simply uncheck the Sky option in Sky Writer. This will force the VMT to be UnlitGeneric instead of Sky, which is what CSGO wants.


What is this error?

Some versions of Source need specific formats. So click the Old Cube Path button then export.

It gives the error when I compiled with your setting. When I opening vtf's, I got the 2nd error in the image. In first error, says "-notga disables" What's it? I think you can solve this.


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