Importing .mdl files that are not in a game

Started by JustaFleshWound, January 17, 2018, 01:23:14 AM

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Is there any way to be able to import .mdl files that are not a part of a game's directory? I have custom models intended for garry's mod posing, but i'd like to import them to 3ds for use outside garry's mod, and was wondering if there was any way to accomplish that with this tool. Thanks for the help.


At this time Wall Worm's MDL tools require the MDL to be in the game folders similarly to how they are required there in Hammer. All of the asset lookups depend on files being in the expected folders.

The workaround is to create a custom gameinfo.txt file for this. Doing this is detailed in Anatomy of a Design Team which has been re-written. You will still need to keep the other MDL files within a "models" folder but that models folder can reside anywhere on your system as long as the folder containing the models folder is added to the SearchPaths of a gameinfo.txt file.


awesome, worked perfectly. I was able to skip it without issue, but during the 'Save and Store Preset' step of making the project, clicking on 'Create Local Game Info' caused the settings window to unfocus, as if a new dialogue box appeared, but nothing appeared. It generated the file named after the game, but it was empty, and didn't generate sdk_content. Clicking another button in the settings window would result in the windows 'ding' as if there was a higher priority dialogue box that needed to be interacted first, until the settings window was closed and reopened. Also, the 'Check for Home Project' tick box would not stay ticked.

Regardless, i left the src paths pointing to the original game files since the project ones didn't generate and the model importing still worked, so thanks for the help!


Thanks for the info. Do you happen to have the latest versions of WW? Some of those functions were in flux for a few weeks. If you haven't updated WW in a few weeks, I'd update. If you have the latest version, I'll need to look into it.


I've actually installed wallworm just yesterday, specifically for the importer tools. My version is Wall Worm Free v3.57.

To tack on an additional question, since i'm new to this program, the mdl importer does not yet support importing skins correct? Just double checking.


OK, then I will look into it.

Yes, Skins are supported in MDL imports.

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