IMPORTANT! Updating scenes to WW 3.0

Started by wallworm, February 09, 2017, 02:44:12 PM

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Wall Worm 3.0 was recently released. The addition of WW 3.0 changed the way most WW custom attributes store data. This includes WWMT Helpers, Displacements, entities and more. One problem with this change is that there can be an error opening a scene created prior to WW 3.0.

Below are the steps to take when transitioning to WW 3.0.

Update Entity Cache

First, update your entity cache. This only needs to be done once per game preset that uses it's own FGD file.

  • Open Global Settings (WW > WW Settings)
  • Click Reparse FGD.

Update Old Scenes

Now, per Max scene with older WW objects, do this:

  • Open the scene
  • Switch to the Create Tab in the Command Panel
  • Clear any scene selection
  • Click WW> Wall Worm Utilities > Check for Problems
  • Click each of these buttons in in the Update Scene Definitions and Helpers group: WWMT, Proxies, Entities and Displacements
  • Save scene

Now the scene should be fine. If you fail to take these steps, you may get errors and even crashes while working with the scene.


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