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« on: May 02, 2018, 02:37:07 PM »
I got a license of Verge3D for 3ds Max in the last couple of weeks to facilitate some of my projects. I am blown away by how simple the plugin makes it to publish 3D content to the Internet.

Most WW users may not know this, but I spent the majority of my time as a web developer between 2002-2013. Once moving into 3D fulltime, I kept an eye on the idea of integrating some of my projects into web pages. I had toyed with the idea of building a simple Three.js exporter for Max over the last few years, but honestly I just didn't have the time to explore that. When I discovered Verge3D I was eager to take it for a spin.

First I must state that I'm not yet an expert in Verge3D, WebGL or Three.js. However, I am fascinated by what Verge3D does. With minimal effort I've sent several scenes from Max to a web browser. I intend to build some Wall Worm tutorials that are aided by 3D content on the web. As soon as I have viable content to share, I'll post some. Until then, I encourage anyone who wants wishes to see their 3D content on the web to give Verge3D a spin. It's simple, powerful and a lot of fun.