Mistakenly converted old 2017 scene for Max 2018. Standard mat are now Physical?

Started by kinggambit, May 17, 2018, 05:45:42 PM

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Started modeling again and I made the mistake of converting an old 2017 scene fully and saving without any back ups.

No idea if this is even a wall worm issue but 2 issues currently: 1. All the standard materials were converted physical materials, and more importantly 2. Any standard materials I make disappear when I reopen the scene.

This happened even before I touched WallWorm again so I'm assuming it's a 3ds max issue, but I was hoping anyone might have similar experiences or knows what might be happening.


Greetings Earthling. No, this is not a WW issue. Max now considers the Standard material a legacy material and presumes you want to update to physical materials. This is on by default and the converter pops up when opening old scenes. When you see that, there is a checkbox you can uncheck to no longer do this.

As for getting back the original materials, I'm not sure of any method for that.


Hi shawn, long time no see! Thanks for filling me in. Haven't been modeling in almost a year. Just took some elbow grease to manually change it all back to standard.

EDIT: False alarm. Got it to work though I got no idea how... Will not question the source engine gods. Just glad it's working again!

I got everything to work for the most part. No errors anymore when using "Check for problems".

Very odd issue though after my first export which went fine (model and mats worked). Now though, one of the materials (prayerwheel_base.vmt) keeps being checked when I open the texture exporter. That material is black in hammer/game.

I remade everything (model, wwmt object, material) but that one material seems to be problematic.


Glad you've got it working.

As for the material always being checked--I'll have to look into that one.


Turns out it might be more problematic than I thought.

The checkmarks showing even after successful texture exports isn't necessarily an issue (only happens to vmt and normal maps), but I think it's symptomatic of another issue I've been experiencing where the vmt gets exported to the wrong directory (i.e. /de_spirit/ folder is picked but it exports to the root material directory. Material is completely invisible and lags when I try it.)


I have a suspicion.

There is an option added to WW in last several months to export based of the full material name rather than where WWMT says to export. There is a global default in WW Settings > Models > Full Material Name. This sets the default (which is off). Each WWMT has its own override for this in the Materials group of the main rollout of WWMT named Mat Name in SMD. New WWMT default to Use Global Setting (which is setting mentioned above). It can also be overridden per WWMT.

If this is on, then the exported VMT path is dependent on the entire name of the material. That would mean you would need to include the path for the VMT in the material's name.

Some functions in WW that generate WWMT Helpers (like the Import MDL, the MDL to WWMT function and the Convert Scene to Model) will set the method to Full Material Name because the materials for the MDLs made in those functions may come from many paths.

See of this is the culprit.


bad news is that global settings was already set "full material name" to off.

good news is that I tried the "full material name" method and everything worked like a charm! Will probably just use this method in the future since it's coincidentally useful for for organizing VMT's.

Thanks Shawn!


Glad it works now. I'm not certain what caused it to fail initially, but at least you are back up and running. Probably a lot of new things in WW since you last messed with it--have fun exploring the new features. :)


Thanks for reporting this issue. I hadn't noticed the issue because I've been using the complete name lately. But I've fixed all the issues above (wrong checkboxes and wrong folders) in today's update. Let me know if you have any other problems.

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