Pump following the Dingo around again?

Started by Infidel, February 21, 2013, 02:09:10 PM

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First this excuse for a homo sapiens trys to pick up his mapping skills when he realizes that his better has joined the mapping world. What happens? He attempts a map that could have been fun had it been designed by someone like Brightfeller. But it was designed by Pump so, alas, it wasn't even packed right... sad.

Now, we see him following the great and formidable Dingo again and copying me on my choice of gaming computer boutiques. Four years ago I ordered my first system from these guys and my new system arrives on Tuesday and I hear that Horatio is hoping to make up for his below par skills by purchasing a computer from the same guys.

Well my friend, you can go out and buy a Chey-Tac .308 and it won't help you shoot like Chris Kyle (God rest his soul and bless his family), buying a better computer won't help you build better maps either. Some people have talent other don't. You can tell which is which by who is doing the following!

- Infidel


you compared me to Brightfeller...we are no longer friends


Quote from: horatiopump on May 28, 2013, 09:54:13 AM
you compared me to Brightfeller...we are no longer friends

Not so my sandwich making friend... I said your map would have been better and more playable had Brightfeller made it.


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