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EA... Worst Company in America!


Here is a link to the story.

I know from my personal experiance I can agree with it.

Not sure about worst company in America... but certainly leaning on the dirty side. For our group's part... they got all our money with a couple dozen licenses of BF2142 + Northern Strike licenses... then killed the game off with an update that was never publicized to the players! So all of a sudden all the legit servers were off the game server list and the vast majority of users had no clue why--or how to find an update. And to get the update to work required 12 step instructions and about an hour of time installing three patches in a row, etc.

I still log in to 2142 every few months. My heart sinks since it was such an awesome game. But it's a wasteland where only a handful of servers run the same maps 24/7.

I hate EA for all that (and it is a great contrast to Valve). At the same time... I'm sure I'll be a sucker if they come out with BF 2143.

EA keeps bringing out shitty games, so why not?

I really loved this game, probably the only BF game i did enjoy xD


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