Author Topic: Wall Worm 3.844 Released  (Read 24 times)


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Wall Worm 3.844 Released
« on: October 11, 2018, 06:05:16 PM »
Version 3.844 released on 10-11-2018

   * Security: Added digital signatures to all Wall Worm files. Files are signed by Wall Worm LLC.

   * Visgroups: Added new Visgroup manager to allow more Hammer-like visgroups.
   * VMF Importer: Added new visgroup nodes to VMF Importer to bring in Visgroups.
   * Settings: Added new level design setting for Auto Visgroup User. When on and the Miscellaneous Name setting is not empty, automatically adds newly created nodes to a visgoup matching the User's name. Helpful for multi-user teams working on same files.
   * Display Floater: Fixed the Triggers option not working.
   * Display Floater: Fixed classification of multi-node brush entities.
   * QC Importer: Updated QC importer to place Morpher modifiers below any skin modifiers.
   * VMT Importer: Fixed a bug importing a VMT where the Shader was LightmappedGeneric but the VMT included $basetexture3 or $basetexture4.
   * Displacements: Fixed bug selecting a sculpt mesh when one of the displacements is missing it's brushnode.
   * VMF Exporter: Fixed bug exporting a scene when a displacement is missing it's brushnode.
   * Convert Scene to Model: Added new auto-culling options from latest Carver plugin. Requires Carver 1.38+.
   * Hull Helper: Updated the V-HACD library to version 2.