Author Topic: Wall Worm 3.868 Released  (Read 542 times)


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Wall Worm 3.868 Released
« on: November 27, 2018, 02:56:56 PM »
Version 3.868 released on 11-27-2018

   * Convert Scene to Model: Fixed the Delete Tool Texture function often missing polys to delete.
   * Convert Scene to Model: Fixed some cases where collision hulls sometimes being skipped when converting brushes.
   * Hull Helper: Updated the Prepare From Selection function to reset the transform of the meshes to avert issues with scaled meshes.
   * WWMT: Added new function to automatically generate a new root bone and skin the hulls to it. Function found in WWMT Scene Tools.
   * WWMT: Updated FLEX Rules and Controller names to removed characters that are not alphanumeric.
   * Assets: Updated the Zip From Res function to not skip files with spaces in the name.