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Hello! I am learning a little about 3ds max on your advice, and it really good for me. Thank. But I have one problem that I would like to solve.

I need to make mountains with rocks along displacements or area polygons and etc, but what I just did not try is that I can’t clone props so that they stay with the modifier "WallWormMDL". I tried scatter, but it does all the objects in one mesh, and the only way out is to press Editable Poly, but there’s no point in it.

Alas, I ask you not to offer me paid plugins, because free money will appear on the purchase of Wallworm Pro and the remaining additions only when I finish the project. Huge thanks

For a solution directly in 3ds Max, look into using the Object Paint tool with the WallWormMDL nodes.

Here are a couple docs on this:

* Using Object Paint to Distribute the Trees
* Paint Objects Panel

You can see Object paint in use in this video I did for Autodesk showing some of our techniques while making Black Mesa. That video is from this article: From Black Sheep to Black Mesa and Beyond.


That tool will provide a lot of versatility. I do suggest that long-term you look at purchasing Forest Pro. Wall Worm has support for the Pro version and will export all WallWormMDL nodes it scatters as props.


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