Runtime Error when Exporting Model

Started by AaronVB, March 03, 2019, 05:07:42 PM

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Problems exporting rack: -- Runtime error: Attempt to access deleted scene object

Is what i get when i try to export the following model i got from Sketchfab.
(This happens for ANY model i try to export, even a simple Cube)
Im using 3ds max 2018 Student Version and im on Windows 10 Pro x64, The About page of WWMT shows:
3ds Max 2018
#(20000, 50, 0)
Microsoft Windows NT 6.2.9200.0
Wall Worm Version: 3.912

If you need any other information to help me, HMU.

Thanks in Advance!


Please install the latest service pack/update for your version of Max. For Max 2018 that is 2018.4. That will likely solve your problem. You are using the initial version of 2018 which had bugs that affected WW.

Note I recommend that you update to 2019.3 if possible.


Im currently updating to 2018.4. Ill ignore 2019.3 Thanks for the help, ill reply if it worked or not.


Yes, please let me know. I do recommend 2019.3 though as it is the most stable version of Max to date.


Updating to 2018.4 worked! I cant afford 2019 and i would have to make a new account to get a new student license for it. Thanks for the Help man!

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