Static and Animated Props Are Exporting Blank Model

Started by onur89tr, April 02, 2019, 12:33:15 PM

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Hello. I formatted my PC and I installed new Wall Worm. Now I can't export static or animated prop. It's waiting and opening blank model. Where I'm doing wrong? Thanks. :)


Is this a complex prop or a simple one? Are you unable to export a single Box prop?

Please supply the version of Max and what service packs you have installed.


I solved that problem. Version is Pro and latest updated. Max version is 2019.3. I'm trying to animate a flag. I can make an animated box. But I can't bake flag animation. It's opening static like on moon. :D How I can do this? I'm trying your tutorials.

My max file:


So there are some things you will need to understand about Source Engine models.

1) The only native animations you can export are Skeletal Animations (by bones). Your scene is animated at the vertex level via the Cloth modifier. There is no way to get your actual animation into Source. It's just not supported.

2) There is a way to get Vertex Animation into Source but it is not the same as your animation in the scene. The vertex animation that you can get into Source is called a Flex. These are controlled via Morpher or Morph-O-Matic modifiers inside Max. Even though you can get these kinds of morphs into Max, they are not the same as your keyframe animated vertex animations. Instead, they are morph controls to use with things like facial animations. See Making Facial Animations.

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