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Textures are different in gamma in 3ds max and hammer


Hi, i have a issue with textures in 3ds max from hammer. Here's how it looks in hammer -

and how looks it in 3ds max.

All textures look like this, however I can provide all the data that can help solve the problem. Why they look this in 3ds max I can not understand, so I ask for your help, thanks.

--- Code: ---"WorldVertexTransition"
"$basetexture2" "zaton/zaton_terrain_expos"
"$basetexture" "zaton/zaton_terrain_expos"
        "$detail" "z-o-m-b-i-e/STALKER/detail/detail_bitum_det2"
"$detailscale" "125"
"$detailblendfactor" "1.0"
"$detailblendmode" "0"
"$surfaceprop2" "dirt"
"$surfaceprop" "grass"
                "%detailtype" "forest_floor_01"

--- End code ---

Gamma Correction is the problem.

Your solution is this: In Customize > Preferences > Gamma and LUT, turn OFF the Enable Gamma/LUT Correction.

You may need to re-import the scene into Max to get correct results in Max.

Thanks! That's really better gamma, but for some reason that's looks like a lowres texture when in hammer that's same texture are great in quality

Here is your solution :)


Oh thanks again! Now all perfect :)


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