Best achievment I have ever earned.

Started by Infidel, March 08, 2011, 07:02:41 AM

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I have to say the best achievment I have thusfar achieved is the one I got last fall before I went on hiatus.
It's called Sknifed. I got it killing Vash while he was zoomed in on his precious scout. As he took aim at one of team mates, I sunk the cold metal of my knife cleanly between his ribs at a perfect angle to cut through lung and heart. No more scouting guys. Go plant the bomb.
A great victory.
Prideful moment.


You may think that this little dog here knifed me,  well lets not forget it from my perspective 8). Every game night we get on, I look to my right, I look to my left...BOOM.. there goes dingo's huge head, bobbing up and down, then his brains get blown away  :-X.  I know its sad how bad he gets owned, all of my  head shots on him, and a few insignificant amount of reach arounds on him by Johnny, lets not talk about that.  Maybe one day when either I cant see, or become paralyzed Lippy will not be able to get shot in the face time and time again... thank you for reading "The True Perspective!"

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